Diacerein IP BP

Diacerein IPBP is a type of antipyretic and analgesic medicine that has unique anti inflammatory properties. This substance is used to treat stiff joint and osteoarthritis. This substance is a type of calcium salt. Known for its 99% purity level, this pharmaceutical grade product has 23.8 degree C flashing point and 631.5 degree C boiling point.  Melting point of Diacerein IPBP ranges between 237 degree C to 238 degree C.  Accessible in light yellow crystalline form, this substance does not dilute in chloroform, methanol and water. It can be stored for maximum 2 years. We offer this substance at competitive price. 

Technical Specifications of Diacerein IP BP

Product Name

Diacerein IP/BP

CAS Number




Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight



2-Anthracenecarboxylic acid