Backed with well financed infrastructural facility, ZEMI BIOTECH has emerged as a distinguished API manufacturer. Its in house research and development section works as per DSIR guidelines.

Chemistry Capabilities:
  • Cyclizations
  • Sodium Borohydride Reductions
  • Special achievement in Grignard Reaction
  • Green Chemistry
  • Sodamide Based Alkylation
  • Haloginations, Aminations
  • Etherification/ N and O-alkylation
  • High Pressure Catalytic Hydrogenation
  • Sodium Borohydride Reductions
  • High Temperature Vacuum Distillation
  • Alkoxide/ Sodium based Reactions
Regulatory Capabilities:
  • Standard operating procedures (SOP) of this organization conform to industry specified guidelines.
  • Efficiency in managing legal documents and filing
  • Knowledge in DMF preparation in CTD
  • Authorization and analysis of applied procedures

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